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Inheritance Issues

Yes. First, we check the general status of the inheritance to see whether the deceased left any debts or not. Then, we inspect the content of any existing Will and obtain the relevant certificates. We will take care of all necessary translations, certifications, court probates and tax filings / payments and finally register the properties under your name.
Concerning real estate, we can help you in most cases, by performing thorough title searches before the competent land registries, wherever that might be in Greece. If we find property, we can also perform an on-site visit to check the its status. We collaborate with realtors can have the properties evaluated (unless you choose another estate agent to do so). Concerning other assets (bank accounts etc.), we can perform the same research in every Greek Bank. In order to obtain information from the banks and make transfers, we will provide you with the proper draft of a power of attorney, that you will sign and send back to our Office. This will enable us to act on your behalf and you will not have to travel to Greece in order to collect.
No, unless the rest of the co-owners agree. If you don't share the same opinion with the rest co-owners on how to develop the properties, they have to be sold on a private auction (that we can initiate for you) and each one will collect the funds corresponding to its share. If your relatives agree on that sale, we will negotiate the best sale option, make the sale, and transfer the funds to you, unless you want us to invest it in Greece for you. Other options are also available, depending on the case.
No. Anyone without a carefully signed contract with you (including your relatives) can gain ownership of it, through adverse possession ("squatter's right"). This happens after a period of 20 years according to the Greek Law (and sometimes, in 10 years). Any third party can end up with the title to the property, if the situation is not identified in time and defended as appropriate. We can assist you to protect and preserve your ownership rights: talk to your relatives and/or have them acknowledge your ownership right in writing (by signing the relevant statements we prepare for you); investigate the properties; file an immediate Court ordered protection of your ownership right if the third party refuses to collaborate, and this anywhere in Greece.
No. When somebody dies, you have 4 months (starting from the moment you heard about the death) to accept or decline the inheritance. During those 4 months, you have to check whether the person left a positive or a negative fortune (debts). Passed these 4 months, you are supposed having accepted his inheritance (and his debts, if any). In order to avoid further complications, especially with tax issues, you should contact us the soonest.
Depending on the age of your parents and yours, the income production of the property and other factors, we can advise you accordingly and prepare, draft and execute the most cost-effective conveyance deed for you.
We can assist you all the way from finding out the exact amount that you have inherited and are entitled to, up to sending the funds to you.

The questions and answers are only for indicative purposes and do not consists legal advice. For specific consultation please contact our office.

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